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Temperado Tornado by Baronhawk Poitier is the lead track and single from the last EP released on Honey Soundsystem Records. Baronhawk and I had been talking about releasing his music for years. He had been passing me demos on and off until he arrived on the beautiful 4-track EP we released in February of 2020.

This music video, of which I was producer, was directed by Aron Kantor and stars Baronhawk. This record would be the first time the world at large would be invited into Baronhawk’s artist story and being a competitive dancer is a huge part of that legend.

Baronhawk prepared all the choreography himself alongside his own costume styling. We shot the video at Honcho Campout as revelers partied at other stages. The installation featured in the video is by Tom Slazinski who also worked on the Generators project.
Temperado Tornado (Music Video)           
Honey Soundsystem Records

role: producer

︎ World Premiere via FACT magazine