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In 2018 I was commissioned to produce, curate, and host a lecture series at Honcho Campout. Year one I hosted these post-lunch interviews myself but by year two I moved into the curatorial and producer role.
The More You No           
Live Panel Series

role: producer, host, curator 
︎2018 - Present

The More You No!

Lunchtime interview and lecture series at Honcho Campout 

Four Quarters Farm
︎Pennsylvania, USA

Queer Music Media & Representation
with Steve Mizek, Andrew Ryce, and Jacob Sperber

Queer Music Media & Representation
with Gideön and Jacob Sperber


Queer Utopic Dancefloors:
Explorations of an Invisible Experience
with Rachel Noon and Rishy Kashyap 

Boomin’ Shrooms and Fuzzy K-Holes: A Report From the Frontlines of Queer Psychadelics
with Marke Bieshke

First Generation DJ: A Conversation with Steve Fabus and his Fifty Years as an ‘Out DJ’
with Steve Fabus and Jacob Sperber


Mind That Thot: A sit down with your party brain
with Nita Aviance, Nancy Kim and Aleks Rodriguez 

My Joy By Any Means Necessary: Black Matter
with Dr. Chaz Antoine