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In 2017, Hi-fi Sean (formerly of the Soup Dragons) commissioned remixes of tracks from his debut LP called ‘ft.’  I was graciously passed the stems for the last track of the album, which featured vocals by Alan Vega (of rock band, Suicide). The lyrics Vega wrote for this song would be his last before passing at age 78 in July of 2016. Growing up obsessively listening to Suicide, it was an immense task to handle such delicate material.

Recorded in the Crowbar Corner, I used analog instruments like the Korg MonoPoly, a Synsonics Drum Machine, and the SH-101 to give it the gritty aesthetic Vega often celebrated in his music. The main beat of the track was created while experimenting with feedback and electrical pops.

The remix would be distributed worldwide on vinyl and digital format.

Hifi Sean ft. Alan Vega           
 A Kiss Before Dying Remix

role: musician, remixer