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In 2011 Frameline Film Festival commissioned Homochic - an artist collective led by brother duo Leonardo and Allán Herrera to create its 35th anniversary festival trailer / bumper. As a participating member of the collective I took co-directing, co-production, co-editing, and sound design credits for the film. 

Allán designed a ‘theater screen’ sized dress for performer Karis Wilde to make the history of queer cinema come alive in its folds and creases. Using live projection and backlighting techniques, Karis whips the frame into a hurricane of historical clips from some of the most seminal films that have graced the 35 years of the festival. 
Frameline 35            
Festival Trailer

role: director, editing, sound design 

Directed by
Leo Herrera, Jacob Sperber, and Allán Herrera
Karis Wilde

Styling & Costume 
Allán Herrera

Leo Herrera, Jacob Sperber

Special Effects 
Leo Herrera

Sound Design 
Jacob Sperber

Christina Garcia

Marq Pacitti

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