︎Jacob Roger Sperber
︎Jacob Roger Sperber
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This 24-hour music studio and production space opened in 2015 in partnership with the Gray Area Incubator Program. The concrete room where the studio is now housed was once the boiler room for heating the main Grand Theater space designed by renowned Deco architect S. Charles Lee in 1940.

Overseeing the full renovation and interior transformation of the space, I helped turn it into a professional haven for sound design, radio production and music exploration. The studio has housed a rotating cast of Bay Area sound artists and electronic musicians like Taraval, Marc Kate, Trevor Sigler, and gayphextwin.

It has been featured in Vogue Magazine Korea, FACT Magazine, and Jessy Lanza’s Anyone Around

Crowbar Corner           
Gray Area Foundation for the Arts

role: founder, designer, resident artist
︎2015 - Present

In 2015, Moulton Studios, one of San Francisco’s most beloved 24-hour access electronic music-focused studio / practice spaces was forced to close its doors and it was a huge loss to the community. Looking for a new home to make music in, I turned to friends at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts to see if they would house a permanent new space for my projects and others in my music circles.

With the help of Bay Area carpenter Dave Easlick, we transformed the raw concrete bunker-style space. Installing a double-door sound proofing system, custom work desks, DJ/Radio station, and a custom double-panned skylight–it is unlike any other room in the city.

Crowbar Corner members have always prioritized sharing the space with artists and musicians in SF for gear tutorials, help with mixdowns, DJ mix recordings and jam sessions.

Most recently the Crowbar, Gray Area, and ZERO1 have partnered up to provide the Grand Creative Resource Library