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This was my third appearance on Boiler Room. I appeared with the Honey Soundsystem crew in 2015 in NYC and in 2017 in London. This 2020 appearance was my first opportunity to perform solo. It was also in San Francisco–my hometown as an artist and the expectations were high. 

When I have a concept for a costume I usually turn to my trusted friend and longtime collaborator, Jarred Garza. He has a way of taking my super conceptual ideas into wearable seamless pieces.

Costuming and world building have long been a thread in my performance identities. I weave a bit of jester and clown energy into all my personas, even if the music or subjects being presented are serious. Self deprecating humor can radically subvert the power exchange between performer and audience. If an audience member can see beauty after they have written you off, they truly must face themselves.
Jackie House on Boiler Room           
Livestream Performance

role: musician, performer 

︎ World Premiere via FACT magazine


After I got booked for this Boiler Room, I came to Jarred with my most ambitious idea yet, something entirely sculptural. I asked him to turn me into a bouquet of flowers. The idea presented a myriad of issues as I needed to be able to see and hear but I wanted to disappear into the bouquet. He masterfully created a head piece that supported its weight on my shoulders. The flowers were sewn into a black mesh covering, so at no place on my head could the audience see me, just flowers. He also affixed a headset into the bouquet that you can see me adjusting to cue songs during the set.

I wanted to set a tone for the music I was going to share, which wasn’t raging party music. Boiler Room makes the DJ a centerpiece, but really DJ’ing is more about enhancing a room of other main characters.

Put me on the table, I am going to light up the room, make it smell great, give it some color, a discussion piece maybe, but really - i’m just here for you (not the reverse).